RED019 - Snarl // Something Deeper

by Wickaman, SuddenDef & RV. feat. Alicia King

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Wickaman, SuddenDef & RV… If a release has any of those names attached to it you know it’s a going to be worth checking out. If a release has all three names attached then, by the law of drum & bass, it’s officially illegal not to jump up and down on it.

Often working in different duo combos, seldom seen together as a trio, the last time they collided in the studio was for ‘Slaves’. Released last September on ‘Infrasound Volume 2’ it was an absolute slayer of a track and set a high precedent. Can ‘Snarl’ or ‘Something Deeper’ top it? Read on and find out…

‘Snarl’ kicks off with a quintessential rave intro; loaded with Alicia King’s trademark emotion-rich breathy vocal and a cavalcade of swooping synths, it’s rush-central… And everyone’s invited. Then, without any notice whatsoever, utter chaos ensues as the trio’s rugged basses vie for attention with surging sonic spirit. Powered by some of the deadliest drumwork the trio have ever bounced down to audio, there’s even time for a few cheeky splashes of drumstep on the fills. Layered with care, delivered with attitude: ‘Snarl’ goes way beyond its title… Get too close and it will bite you where it hurts (the ears).

‘Something Deeper’ follows. Another successful title triumph, it is indeed much deeper than the madness of ‘Snarl’… But don’t go thinking it’s a careless throwaway B-side operation. With an ice-cold entrance that sounds like an old Metalheadz golden oldie and a stunning drop, it’s just as deadly as it is deep. With a stripped back formula that leaves heaps of room for the baggy subs and wobblesome fills, this is drum & bass in its clearest, most timeless and creative form.

The precedent has been smashed! The only thing criminal about this release is the fact these three don’t get together often enough. Don’t go breaking the law… Jump up and down on this as soon as you can!


released April 21, 2013



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